About Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire

The Ljubljana Maker Faire is a one-day event that consists of the fairground, workshops and accompanying program. This is the largest DIY event in Slovenia where you can meet with makers, inventors, creators, artists, scientists and technology enthusiasts from Slovenia and abroad. Its purpose is to awaken research and exploration as well as encourage curiosity, rapture, discovery and the free flow of ideas, knowledge and experience. This years’ event will take place on Friday and Saturday, September 18th and 19th 2020, in Ljubljana. It will feature makers from the majority of Slovenian Maker Labs, technological, research and science centres, individuals with their own inventions as well as numerous inventors from neighbouring countries. Their common goal is to share their enthusiasm for creative work with others.

The event is not suitable only for children and families, but also for students and anyone who wants to get in touch with successful makers.


The main event fairground is devoted to presentations of successful and innovative solutions of companies, R&D labs, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and all others who would like to present their products and inventions. As any other fair presentation, the Maker Faire aims to promote cooperation and networking. Addition it provides an insight into the current maker trends. On the fairground you will be able to find everything from hand-made jewellery and technical projects that were made by schoolchildren to robotic arms and VR sets with which visitors can experience virtual reality.

Education & Workshops

A large portion of the event is dedicated to workshops and education for youth and adults. They are designed to promote technical education and entrepreneurship to as many people as possible. The workshops are prepared by the leading players on this field, including Zavod 404, Ljudmila, Faculty of electrical engineering, UNI-KAT, Zavod Mars, Zavod Kersnikova, KID Kibla, Team Cool Tool Slovenija, RogLab, Cirkulacija 2. Besides the workshops, we also organise lectures and round table discussions that are intended for a public and therefore carried out on the stage of the fairground. Themes of the lectures coincides with current society and the attitude towards technology, science and entrepreneurship.