About Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire

The Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire has brought to Slovenia a global movement of makers, inventors, creators, artists, scientists and technology enthusiasts with the express purpose to awaken research and exploration as well as encourage curiosity, rapture, discovery and the free flow of ideas, knowledge and experience.

This single day event will take place Saturday May 26th 2018, in Ljubljana. It will feature makers from the majority of Slovenian Maker Labs, technological, research and science centres, individuals with their own inventions as well as numerous inventors from neighbouring countries.

The unique event will thus for the first time on Slovenian soil connect local and foreign creators, and enable for the interested public to meet them through numerous daylong fee free activities. As such the public is invited to enthusiastically explore and learn about the works on display, actively engage in practical presentations and share their own insights and experiences.

Throughout the day, alongside creators presenting inventions, the venue will feature many creative, practical workshops and various lectures of notable and successful tech enthusiasts, inventors and entrepreneurs.




The event venue is devoted to demonstrations, to successful and innovative solutions of companies, R&D labs, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and all those, who actively develop modern societal mechanisms. As any trade-show presentation, MakerFaire is first and foremost devoted to the creation of cooperation and networking, for the wide target audience it represents benefits at various parallels and cross sections of functional society.

Education & Workshops

Educating in modern technology, postmodern art, entrepreneurship and developmental processes is available to a largely limited public. Despite this, all aforementioned segments are crucial for the realization of modern society and science and their futures.
Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire answers this challenge with the organization of admission free lectures, round tables and workshops meant for all age groups and skill levels:
it enables and encourages the participation of attendees during the event as well as after it has taken place, at both a personal and professional level of development.
For this express purpose many key local agents in the general area are invested in organizing activities at Ljubljana Mini Maker Faire.

In general, participation is open and welcome to all quality content, as long as it helps fulfill and promote the purpose of the event.