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About Maker Faire

Maker Faire is the world’s largest show-and-tell event that combines various ‘Makers’, inventors, creators, artists, scientists and tech enthusiasts. The purpose of this event is to awaken research, to encourage curiosity and rapture; to discover new things and support a free flow of ideas, knowledge and experience.

Maker Faire is a conglomerate of scientific, entrepreneurial, educational and craft operations. By linking these with other spheres of habitation and parts of society, Maker Faire offers an interesting exploration to anyone with a desire to discover new things. Therefore, you are invited to attend Maker Faire Ljubljana, as a fellow ‘Maker’ or just as a curious visitor!


How to participate at the event?



As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to see interesting makers, attend the workshops,…

Maker or manufacturer

In the past year, did you create something that you want to show to others? Would you like to pass your knowledge? Fill in the application form Call For Makers & Workshops!


Join the organizing team as a volunteer! Applications for volunteers will be opened in April. If you wish to apply fill the following form:

Sponsor or partner

Would you like to introduce your company at Ljubljana Maker Faire? Contact us at the following e-mail address: